Creating beautiful, heart-centered celebrations for the living, the dying, and the dead. Because life is richer when we walk
with and support each other through all of life's cycles.

Commemorate a loved one. Celebrate a legacy.

Let your love overflow with a celebration that perfectly expresses the love and recognition of someone you care about.


Come together with friends and family to experience remembrance and gratitude for all the ways you have been touched by this special soul — through their love, guidance, friendship, humor, kindness or unique personality!


As party planners, we at Heart of the Party saw the unique needs of those who lose close friends, family, colleagues and buddies. Through Reverent Celebrations, it’s our mission to bring honor, respect, healing and celebration to the memories of those who have touched our lives deeply.


• Express your love and gratitude in a fun and memorable way

• Gather with loved ones to give someone the celebration they deserve

• Bring to life the memories, experiences and impact of a soul who has touched many lives

• Help the healing process with a shared experience to celebrate the gifts and joys of a life well-lived


We’ll help you sculpt the messages and design the event. As usual, we’ll do all the work: from creative to administrative to logistics. So you can sit back and experience this reverent occasion with a full heart.


Call Reverent Celebrations to create a unique and extraordinarily meaningful event that celebrates the richness of a life.




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What a wonderful life celebration! You did an amazing job; it was all so meaningful, EVERY DETAIL. I so appreciate you and all you do. Thank you SO much!!!

Robin C.